Cooke City Avalanche: Henderson Ridge

Cooke City Avalanche:  Henderson Ridge

This avalanche was triggered by a snowmobiler on Friday  afternoon (1/17). It is located on a northeast facing slope at 9,700 feet at the northern end of Henderson Ridge near Chimney Rock.  The slide was approx 500 feet wide, 300 feet vertical and broke 4-12 feet deep.  The slope angles at the crown measured 36-50 degrees steep and the runout angle was 22 degrees, which means it was a large avalanche for this slope (HS-AS-O-R4-D3).  The rider was buried, but dug up, given CPR, revived and he rode away.  He and his machine were located on the right edge of the debris.  He was lucky and had good partners. Photo: GNFAC

Advisory Year
Cooke City, 2014-01-19